Manage your server with Durchie

Durchie is a multipurpose bot here to help you with everything you need for your server. It varies from Moderation to Utility fun and many more!. Scroll down to learn more . . .


The below statistics are fetched live from a custom API, and are here to demonstrate the scale of this project.

26,375+ Members

combined total of every user who shares a server with Durchie

105+ Servers

total number of servers Durchie is in

10.000+ Commands

total number of commands executed over Durchie's lifetime

3618+ Channels

total number of channels in all of Durchie's servers

0 Global Blacklists

total number of users on that have been blacklisted from using Durchie


Add Durchie to your server to get all the following features and more!

Utility Features

Well, there are rule breakers but are you sometimes bored to do things by your own? If yes, Durchie has over many of these commands here to help you and make your life easier!

  • Over 25 Utility Commands!
  • View Covid statistics all over the world!
  • Create a starboard for your own server!

Fun Features

Everyone wants to have some fun, right? Durchie is here to provide you with some very funny memes, and some very funny commands I know you will enjoy!

  • Make a fake tweet and prank your friends!
  • Want funny memes from reddit? We got you!
  • Want answers to your questions? 8ball is here for you!

Keep it clean

Durchie has an extensive list of moderation commands and functions for helping you keep your server the way you want it to be.

  • Add and remove roles from members
  • Kick, ban, or warn members with a simple command
  • Use the snipe command to see deleted messages
  • Set up slowmode to amounts Discord doesn't have and turn it off
  • Nuke a channel to remove all its messages
  • Lockdown a channel so no one except people with permissions can talk
  • Bulk delete large amounts of messages

Listen to your favourite music

Durchie has many Music commands to help you listen to your favourite songs with no lag!.

  • Loop a song so you can listen to it forever!
  • Want to have a little break? You can pause the song and come back whenever you want to resume it!
  • Is the volume to low or high? You can adjust it to your likings!
  • Don't like the current song? You can skip it!